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Gallagher animal weighing and EID systems

Gallagher has delivered the world’s best weighing and EID solutions, through a relentless drive to open up new opportunities for farmers. Gallagher leads the market in robust, easy to use equipment with a full support back up service to match. Download our brochure on Weight Scales and Data Collectors.


Gallagher's Sheep Auto Drafter is a lightweight fully automated weighing and drafting system. For other animal handling equipment for sheep, cattle, deer and horses, visit the Farmquip website.

EID tag readers

An EID tag reader enables farmers to reap the maximum value from their EID tags beyond simple compliance. The reader captures unique tag numbers as animals are weighed, treated or identified in a yard or race. Gallagher offer both portable, hand held EID readers and permanent, hands-free readers.

Loadbars and accessories

Gallagher Loadbars are packed with features for outstanding performance - a galvanised chassis to ensure long life, protected cables to minimise damage in the yard and easy maintenance with no moving parts.

Stock prods and accessories

Strong, safe, instant power. Gallagher Stock Prods are an effective, durable and inexpensive option to keep livestock moving.

Weigh scales and data collectors

Gallagher Weigh Scales and Data Recorders range from an entry-level automatic weighing model through to the most advanced weighing and data collection system available.‚Äč


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