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The Gallagher WiFi Gateway provides the ability to manage your I Series Energizer via the Gallagher Ag Devices App.
Simply connect your I Series Energizer to a WiFi Gateway, sync the Ag Devices App and data will be sent straight to your pocket.


The WiFi Gateway will connect to the port on the back of the I Series Energizer:
The controller is then connected directly to the WiFi Gateway
Before installing the WiFi Gateway:
The farmer needs to ensure that there is WiFi network coverage at the install location of the I Series Energizer. If the installation is in a remote location consider a WiFi Mobile hotspot as a connectivity solution.
The total monthly data required:
This will vary depending on the polling interval set for the fence monitors. If left at the default 3-hour interval the data usage should be less than 500MB per month. If increased to the minimal interval of 1 minute the usage will likely be close to 2GB per month.

Download the App from App Store or Google Play.