• eShepherd

  • A shepherd for every animal
Coming soon: eShepherd™ virtual fencing

Track, manage, and move animals

With the touch of a button. Anytime, anywhere. The eShepherd app
gives you 24/7 visibility and control over the whereabouts and health
of your animals, connecting farmers to their herds like never before.

How does it work?

A virtual fence is created in the eShepherd software and sent to the animal’s neckbands via the cloud. Animals wearing the eShepherd Neckband are trained to recognise and stay within virtual boundaries defined by farmers. When an animal approaches the virtual fence, the neckband emits an audio cue.

If the animal ignores the cue and continues towards the virtual fence, the neckband delivers an aversive but harmless pulse. eShepherd cues are automated, predictable and avoidable; animals quickly learn to alter their behaviour and respond to an audio cue alone.


Remotely monitor animals with welfare, location, and movement insights.


Quickly identify when your animal has been separated from the herd, injured, etc.


Move animals quickly and efficiently whilst minimising their stress.


Grazing heat maps help identify where the most productive pastures are.

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