Gallagher S100 System Perfect For The Boland

Gallagher S100 System Perfect For The Boland

We are two business partners who started a cattle breeding program in the Western Cape’s Boland area. As most people would know, the Boland area is not ideal for cattle and the natural veld consists of sour veld and scrubs.

We came up with an idea of planting pastures and to try and start strip grazing or high intensity grazing. One of the ways to do this sort of grazing on a non-permanent basis, is to use portable electrical fencing of light and easy to move materials. After searching the internet and talking to other farmers from different areas I discovered the Gallagher range of products.

I fired a mail off to the online help line and asked for some guidance and assistance on the different products. Within a day or two, the Gallagher rep in the Western Cape area got in contact with me and we set up a meeting to talk about my needs and what is available for our situation.  I met up with Demi, and explained that we just started with the cattle and we are looking at strip grazing options as a supplement for the cattle. The areas we are looking at closing in should be anything from 2,500m2 to 10,000m2.  Demi assisted me by giving me all the different options and gave some expert advise on what she would suggest we could use and what would be effective.

We placed an order for the Gallagher S100 Energizer as well as enough Turbo Poly Wire to be able to cover at least 3 separate camps at a time. We also ordered the easy fitting insulators for the Y steel posts as well as the insulators for wooden posts.

It took me a few hours to get the first camp enclosed and the second camp leading from the first camp was also done at the same time. So far, the Gallagher system as proven to work extremely well. The cattle were easily moved from the one grazing camp to the other by using bungy cord gates that are energized but insulated in order to handle hassle free. The setting up of the next few grazing camps also went very well.  

Even though we haven’t been using the strip grazing that long yet, I have to say that the Gallagher system works well and is easy to setup. The technical advice we received from Demi and the quick professional assistance over the phone when not sure of things was extremely helpful. The order of new items was also quick and easy by just calling Demi. All the orders were delivered in a timely manner via courier to my doorstep.

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