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Gallagher electric fencing systems for animal management

Electric fencing is an investment in more profitable farming. It not
only takes less time than traditional fencing, it can also be used as a
pasture management tool, giving farmers precise control over allocation
of pastures, through permanent and temporary subdivisions.

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  • Mains Energizers

    Mains energizers are the best choice if you have reliable mains power.
    All mains energizers have built-in lightning protection and are tested under extreme conditions to ensure unbeatable reliability.

  • Battery Energizers

    For strip grazing, temporary fencing or fencing where there is unreliable or no mains power, a battery energizer is the best choice.
    Solar power options are available. Casings are water resistant with lighting protection.

  • Earthing Rods

    The earth system is the critical link allowing power to flow from the energizer to the fence, through the animal and back through the ground to the energizer. Most electric fence problems are due to improper earthing.

  • Leadout

    Leadout is the cable and wire that carries the power from the energizer to the middle of your fence system. The leadout ensures optimum power to all parts of the fence.

  • Fence Types

    Gallagher supplies a range of permanent and portable fence systems and products to meet your usage requirements and the type of animal you need to manage.

  • Electric Gate Accessories

    Gallagher offers a selection of hard and soft under gate cable options, all of which are double insulated for better protection and longer life. High conductive gate cable ensures maximum power transfer between the two fence sections.

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