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As global leaders in innovation, our technology redefines what's possible for our customers across industries. From farming to education to mining, many industries have benefited from Gallagher's integrated security, business efficiency and continuity solutions.


    You can do it the hard way... or the Gallagher way

    Animal Management products are used for setting up an electrified system designed for each farmer's specific requirements. Some farms require their premises to be secured, whereas others require fencing for strip grazing techniques. Whatever your requirements, Gallagher has the expertise to solve your problems with innovative ideas and simple solutions which make farm life easier and more profitable.

    Our farmers consistently enjoy the following benefits:

    º Security enhancements resulting in less theft and reduced costs

    º Flexibility with boundary fencing systems that can be permanent or moveable

    º Exposure to innovative ideas and solutions

    º Improved management of strip grazing and optimum grazing solutions

    º Exceptional performance, reliability and cost effective solutions


    Simplifying people's lives with innovative business and security solutions

    Across all industries, many organizations face complex security challenges and business risks. Understanding these challenges
    and responding with innovative solutions is what we do. We create and deliver integrated security solutions to meet your varying needs, from basic perimeter security and access control, right through to critical sites with some of today's highest security requirements.

    We have implemented integrated security solutions in the following industries:

    º Education - keeping students and staff safe is essential for any learning community

    º Government - efficient management of access to critical sites

    º Entertainment - effective people management and access control

    º Transport and Logistics - moving people and property safely and securely

    º Healthcare - robust security solutions to keep staff and patients safe

    º Residential - control access to your complex or secure estate

    º Commercial - deterring intruders and protecting your valuable asset

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