Help with fence post selection

Help with fence post selection

Insulated Line Post

A tailor-made, low cost, low maintenance, long life electric fence post. The strong yet flexible post allows flex if the fence is hit, to prevent broken or bent posts and minimise animal injury. The composite post is also quick and simple to set-up, as it can be installed with a hand rammer and the wire simple clipped on.

Wooden Post

A traditional wood post fence can be attractive, relatively inexpensive and can last many years, depending on the variety and treatment of the timber used. Setting up a wood post fence takes more time and labour, and generally requires a post borer or mechanised post rammer to install.

Steel Post

Steel posts are strong and long lasting and are often popular in drier, arid areas as they can be driven into very hard and stony soils. Steel posts can also be installed by hand, so are relatively easy to set up. Electric fences attached to steel posts must use quality insulators and be installed correctly to minimise the change of electric fence faults.

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