How to Ensure Mother & Calf Remain Connected in The Crush

How to Ensure Mother & Calf Remain Connected in The Crush
Not having the correct RFID reader can add countless hours of lost time and more administration work.  Link your cow and calf on the HR5 Reader and make your life easier!

It is a big ask for an RF reader to be adaptable to your needs, but we have a simple solution for you!  With the HR5 RFID reader your counting will be faster and linking a mother and calf will be made much easier, simply by pressing the up and down button.


The automatic increment of VID numbers in a session is used to assign sequenced visual ID numbers to all animals that are being scanned for the first time. To use an automatic increment, manually enter the VID of the first animal in the usual manner. Provided that this VID ends with a numeric value, the next animal scanned will be assigned the next free VID value in the sequence. For example, the first animal is scanned and the tag number is manually entered “TAG001”.  When the next animal is scanned, the reader will automatically assign the next available tag number, “TAG002”, without you having to do a manual entry.
The ease of meeting compliance requirements is just one of the reasons we can give for using Gallagher’s HR5 Hand Held EID Tag Reader and Data Collector.

Compliance is something all farmers have to do, whether they want to or not and tools like the HR5 Hand Held Reader make it so much easier and quicker.

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