Weighing and EID Solutions - What is it all about?

Weighing and EID Solutions - What is it all about?
A weighing and EID system saves you both time and money by automating certain animal management and handling tasks. It allows you to manage your business more effectively.

Handheld EID tag readers

Gallagher’s HR5 Hand-Held EID Tag Reader is a quick, easy and powerful solution to collect animal data from anywhere on the farm. Electronic Identification (EID) provides you with accessible, accurate identification of your individual animals, giving you the ability to make better, more informed farm management decisions.

The Sheep Auto Drafter

Another fantastically efficient solution is our Sheep Auto Drafter. “It’s a very user-friendly system and it’s virtually bullet-proof." The Sheep Auto Drafter is built to handle the knocks that come with drafting large numbers of sheep of varying ages and sizes.

  During the drafting process the weight of each animal appears on the Gallagher Panel Reader. This information can then be downloaded onto a computer. The drafter is also useful for monitoring lamb growth, or for measuring ewe and ewe hogget condition at crucial times such as pre-mating and pre-lambing.   This information can assist you to identify which animals require preferential treatment. “It’s a real benefit for farm management.”  The Auto Drafter makes drafting a smooth and efficient operation.  The Sheep Auto Drafter is very quiet, and sheep can’t jump out over the top. It’s also easy to set up.  “You just plug in the compressor and away you go.”

  Crucially, the Auto Drafter is a major labour-saver.  A job that could take two or three labour days can now be managed in just one.  Set it to automatic and it handles all the hard work for you. This makes drafting a more enjoyable process, and when you enjoy something, you tend to do it more often”.

  The Gallagher Sheep Auto Drafter cuts labour costs by up to two-thirds.

Weighscales & kits

Are you interested in simple weight recording or do you want something more advanced?  Gallagher offers a wide range of scale options from simple digital read-out scales right through to advanced EID compatible models that automatically calculate weight gains and provide detailed reporting with APS software that can be used on your computer. The Gallagher Management app can also be downloaded on your apple or android device.

What about the need to record other traits in addition to measuring weight?
Our weigh scales from TW-3 and up can record traits against individual animals. What is a trait? Condition scores, sex, weight, drench or wet and dry traits can easily be added and recorded.

Looking to track animal movements onto and off your property?
With EID ear tags you will need a tag reader to record the animal's movements. Readers can be handheld or hands free, depending on your set up. See our selection of EID tag readers to find your best option. Use the HR-5 to determine mothering.


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