A Solution to your Water Problems

A Solution to your Water Problems
Gallagher offers wireless water monitoring solutions that give farmers a reliable and accurate view of their water. It focuses on common challenges in water management, such as animals running out of drinking water, insufficient water for irrigation, difficulty in monitoring tanks, hidden leaks and water storage in the distance.
The system has three essential components: water level monitoring, pump control, and a monitoring and alerting system.
Water level monitoring offers an efficient solution for accurately measuring and monitoring tank water levels, unlike traditional methods that are time consuming and prone to errors, these systems provide accurate water level data. They use sensors such as ultrasonic sensors to generate sound waves that determine the distance between the sensor and the water surface. The collected data is then transmitted wirelessly to a central monitoring unit or smartphone application, giving real-time updates on the tank levels.
Pump control performance is managed efficiently by automating the pumps, increasing water usage and preventing issues such as overflow or dry running. By setting a predetermined threshold, the system activates or deactivates the pump based on specific flow conditions. When the water level drops below a certain point, the system automatically activates the pump to refill the tank. When the tank reaches a certain level, it shuts off the pump to prevent water from rising. This automated process saves energy, reduces equipment wear and improves overall water usage.
The monitoring and alert system helps farmers to stay informed and compliant with real-time data on their water usage. Farmers can configure the system to send notifications and alerts to their mobile devices when tank levels fall below the desired tank levels or when abnormal water usage is detected. This is done through a data transmitter of a communication range of 10 km, provided there is a direct line between the transmitter and the touchscreen receiver. The system operates without reliance on cellular or Internet connections in tank areas. Data is transmitted back to the touchscreen customer via line of sight, while the customer's Wi-Fi connection allows data to sync with the Gallagher Water mobile app.
Moreover, the system offers scalability, allowing farms with larger water needs to expand by adding additional kits and pump controllers. With the capacity to maintain up to 9 tanks and 2 water pumps throughout the farm, it provides flexibility for growing operations.
With wireless water monitoring systems, farmers can accurately measure and monitor tank water levels, automate pump control, and receive real-time alerts. These systems provide accurate water level data, saving time and eliminating errors. Additionally, these systems offer scalability, intuitive user-friendly design, and independence from cellular or Internet connections in tank areas.
Invest in wireless water monitoring technology for efficient water management and sustainable practices.
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