Ultimate Wildlife Fencing for Safety and Conservation

Did you know that elephants pose a significant danger to humans? While many might think of lions as the top threat, studies consistently show that elephants are actually responsible for the most human fatalities. These massive animals can attack and trample people, especially when they feel threatened or provoked. Unfortunately, incidents involving elephants harming humans are on the rise, particularly in Southern African regions.

One reason for this increase is the growing overlap between human settlements and elephant habitats. As people and wildlife contend for space, conflicts inevitably arise, often stemming from the loss of natural territory. To address this issue,  Gallagher offers various fencing solutions and one of them being wildlife fencing.

Various types of fencing, ranging from electric to non-lethal options, are tailored to specific needs and landscapes. Gallagher Animal Management specialises in providing fencing materials and expertise with a focus on sustainability and minimal environmental impact. Our approach emphasises wildlife-friendly fencing practices, allowing animals to move freely while minimising conflicts with humans.

Gallagher fencing, especially for wildlife goes together with our high voltage energizers. They are especially recommended to provide electrified barriers alongside wildlife passageways and crossings. Gallagher promotes the unrestricted movement of animals across in their natural inhabitants and firmly stands for responsible management of animals. 

In conclusion, Gallagher's range of energizers and fencing solutions offer hope for wildlife conservation in a world where habitats are increasingly fragmented and we encourage coexistence with animals as they are a big part of the eco-system.

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