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G37913 - ENERGIZER - M12000I

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Pure power, with intelligent fence monitoring technology. With the brute force of 120 stored joules and the peace of mind of the intelligent i Series system, your fence performance is monitored 24/7, alerting you to issues before they become a crisis. The M12,000i will deliver more power to the back of the farm than any other Energizer. Suitable for fencing all types of animals, on farms up to 1200 acres or 480 hectares.
The separate Energizer Controller displays fence and earth voltages (including alarms) and can be installed up to 50m (cables not included) from the Energizer in a convenient viewing location. The Controller enables the user to monitor the condition of the fence, performance of the energizer, set alarm thresholds, and turn the unit on or off to adjust the target output voltage.

The  M12000i are available in one variant:

The G37913(M12000i) include the Energizer and Energizer Controller.

• i Series accessories sold separately